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Everyday, every moment we are faced with this choice: Repeat or Evolve. Let's choose to evolve! If you're like me, you love to read, learn and talk about ideas - the prospect of growth and being your best self lights you up! Join me on this journey in the Higher Up Book Club and level up - create balance, get the raise, nail that promotion, launch your passion project or new business or become a stronger leader. How might you transform?


  • Together we will read/listen to 6 books a year on topics like self-development, career and business growth

  • Live Zoom discussion group (evenings/Pacific time)

  • Private Facebook group to discuss, network, connect and encourage

  • Additional content, career and business resources provided by Brenda Agresti, Career Coach & former HR Leader. Tell me what you are interested in and want more of - I will deliver it!

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Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Our September/October book is Atomic Habits by James Clear

Pick-up or download today!

**Watch your "junk" email for updates or add to your contacts to ensure you are in the loop.**

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